E.S. Hubbell

E. S. Hubbell commenced business in 1878 after having served an apprenticeship as a tinsmith. Over the next three decades a thriving hardware business was built, serving Thamesville and the surrounding area. Farm equipment and building supplies were stocked with a wide range of hardware and the products of the tinsmith shop.
After E. S. Hubbell’s death his sons G. C. and J. O. Hubbell carried on the business. Culvert manufacture started during the 1930’s and after WW2 restrictions on steel supply ended, production grew with the demand for improved highway and rural drainage.

Garnet C. Hubbell and his son Glen A. Hubbell opened a new branch of the firm in North Bay in 1957. Manufacture of grader and snow plow blade edges began at this time as well.
Glen Hubbell

In 1974 Glen’s son Allan joined the firm full time and a new manufacturing plant was built at Thamesville in 1976 to accommodate the growing volume of business.

In 1980 an eastern Ontario branch was opened at Napanee. A Lockseam helical pipe mill was installed in 1986 at Thamesville.

Allan Hubbell

Over one hundred and thirty-two years after E. S. Hubbell founded the business, Allan and Betty Hubbell continued the family tradition. To this day the new team in Thamesville, North Bay and Napanee will maintain the personal service, quality products and competitive pricing. They bring knowledge and experience, respectively, to serving customers with highway and drainage products.