Guiderail and Accessories



Galvanized Steel W-Beam Guardrail

Complete with a full line of accessories: terminal ends, pressure treated posts and blocks, steel posts, splice bolts, post bolts, and washers, etc. Curved rails are available to suit your requirements.

Galvanized Steel W-Beam Guardrail
Guardrail Accessories

1/2″ Galvanized Guide Cable

7 strand in reels of 1000′ or 3000′ .
Weighs approx. 510 lbs./1000′.
Galvanized Guide Cable

Guide Cable I-Beam Anchorage

Hot-dipped galvanized wide flange beam with 6 holes and angle reinforcement. Also available set in 5000 lb. concrete anchor block on special order.
Guide Cable I-Beam Anchorage

Cable with Ferrule End

6′ length of 1/2″, 7 strand cable is used with anchorages.
Cable with ferrule end

Galvanized Solid Splicer

c/w bronze wedges
Gavanized Solid Spacer

Galvanized Turnbuckle

c/w bronze wedges
galvanized turnbuckle

2-Piece Bronze Wedge Sets

For use with splicers and turnbuckles
Bronze Edge Sets

Guide Cable Spacer

Galvanized, 1″ × 5″
Guide cable spacer

Galvanized Staples

1″× 3″. For use with cable spacers.
Galvanized Staples

One-Piece Cable Clamps

Galvanized, nail-on clamps replace spacers and staples.
Cable Clamps