Winter Wear Accessories

Snow Plow Nose Pieces

Nose Pieces to suit all popular makes of one-way snow plows
(Frink, Champion, Viking, Everest, Craig, etc.) in a variety
of materials to suit your application.

Fabricated Steel Nose Piece

Snow plow steel nose piece

Carbide Tipped Nose Piece

Carbide Tipped Snow Plow Nose Piece

Cast Grey Iron Nose Piece

Cast grey iron snowplow nose piece

Cast Manganese Alloy Nose Piece

cast manganese alloy nose piece

Fabricated Steel Nose Piece

fabricated steel snowplow nose piece

Snow Plow Runner Shoes

Carbide Runner Shoes

2 Rows of 8 carbide inserts, lengthwise

Carbide Runner Shoes

3 Rows of 6 carbide inserts, across the runner

Carbide runner shoe

4 Rows of 6 carbide inserts, across the runner (or 3 rows of 8 lengthwise)

Carbide Snow Plow Runner Shoe

Ni-Hard Casting

Encased in steel with neoprene cushion under top plate.
Brackets to suit all popular makes or with-out brackets to weld your own.


High Manganese Alloy Casting — 40 lbs.

(MTO Spec. ES-508)

Grey Iron Casting — 60 lbs.


#7106 – 5/8″ or 3/4″
C1090 Steel Runner

Steel Runner

Circular Cast Iron Runner

Circular Casst Iron Runner

Wing Shoes

Wing Shoe

Grey Iron
8″ hole centres
Wing Shoe

Wing Shoe

Ni-Hard Alloy,
8″ hole centres
Ni-Hard Alloy Wing Shoe

Wing Shoewing-shoe-ni-hard-450

Ni-Hard Alloy, 8″ hole centres
(MTO Spec. ES-509)

Wing Shoe

Ni-Hard Alloy,
12″ hole centres
Wing Shoe Ni-Hard Alloy

Wing Shoe

Grey Iron Casting,
12″ hole centres
Grey Iron Wing Shoe

Plow Shoes

Plow Shoe

2″ thick heat treated wear block.
To suit reversible plows, 8″ hole centres.
Plow Shoe

Plow Shoe

Ni-Hard Casting.
To suit one-way plows, 8″ hole centres.
Plow Shoe

Runner Bracket

Runner Bracket

Height Adjuster

Height Adjuster

Height Adjuster

Height Adjuster

Extended Height Adjuster

Extended Height Adjuster

Carriage Bolts, Plow Bolts,
Nuts and Washers

Bolts, Nuts and Washers

1/2″ Wire Core Wing Cable,
1/2″ Galv. Thimbles, & Wire Rope Clamps

Core Wing Cable

Grab Link

Grab Link

Screw Pin
Anchor Shackle

5/8″ or 3/4″
Screw Pin Anchor Shackle

Nut Plate

(Used With Height Adjuster)
Nut Plate

Pin & Chain

Pin and Chain

Plow Runner Shoe Assembly

Plow runner shoe assembly

Plow Trip Spring

Plow Trip Spring

Trip Spring Eye Bolt

(matches #180 spring)
Trip Spring Eye Bolt

Wing Trip Spring

Wing Trip Spring

Snow Plow Curb Shoe

Snow Plow curb shoe

Blade Markers
24″ & 36″

Flexible plastic Guide Posts in high-visibility orange, with a coil spring base. Bolt on.
Blade marker

Curb Runners

To suit all applications.
Heavy Duty Fabricated Curb Runner with 3 1/2″ diameter post.

curb runners