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Rapid Roll

Rapid Roll Safety Fence
The Portable Safety Solution, Rapid Roll is both reliable and better for the environment than some other temporary barrier fencing options, because it can be used repeatedly. Durable and rugged, Rapid Roll can be used over and over again, making cost per use easily affordable.

Creating a clearly defined worksite perimeter has never been easier or quicker to assemble, Set up and take down can be done safely by just one worker in a matter of minutes, it gives that worker peace of mind knowing they can perform their task in a secure area.

With 50 feet of fencing option, Rapid Roll weighs only 28 lbs ( 12.7kg’s ), it is molded with tough resilient MNPE to ensure it will perform in all weather conditions.

Be sure to add increased safety to your next project by using Rapid Roll Barrier System, please stop by or book a demo at your location by contacting our office.